Free Delivery on all Advent

All Advent 10 Printers listed below take two Advent 10 cartridges, one black and one colour. We don't stock the original Advent 10 inks as you can only get them from the likes of PC World, Currys, Dixons and Maplins. They originally sell the printer very cheap but when it comes to replacing the inks they charge a fortune for the original cartridges and suppliers like us can't provide our customers with the originals. Don't worry though as we now offer an alternative, which is the Advent 10 compatible inks! These are XL capacity and produce high quality prints every time you print.


Lowest price inks I could find from a proper supplier, arrived fast and installed them, they work just as good as the originals and seem to be lasting a lot longer! So I'm a happy girl and will order again when these eventually run out.
Emma D
Dec 14, 2014